turkey flats

These turkey flats have the soft marabou type barbs from the base to about 2/3 up the feather. The tops third though is a fiber that is almost a mix of turkey quill and marabou. It is supple enough to wrap on a hook or tube but has way more rigidity than marabou. We brought the extra large turkey flats in the shop to combat two problems we face in our own tying.......

1. We wanted to make a marabou fly with more structure. Like most tyers, we traditionally used schlappen as a collar on marabou flies. It looks great, but the soft schlappen combined with the marabou almost completely collapses along the shank or tube in faster flows. The turkey stays “bulked up” much more.

2. We also like using these plumes as an underwing on Intruder style tubes and shanks. The turkey has body to the wing and actually props up the more gentle fibers like heron, lady amherst, rhea, and ostrich spey that are commonly used with Intruders. These plumes are dyed in our shop and com in packs of 25-35 feathers.


Feathers are 5-7 inches long and come 25-35 plumes per pack

$6.95 per pack