indian badger capes

Indian Capes have long been overlooked. While it is true that Indian Capes are smaller than genetic capes, they can still be a fantastic value! These select Badger capes have been chosen for their quality and number of plumes. Perfect for wings on tubes and streamers, as well as hackle on shrimp and prawn imitations, these feathers are well worth their value.

$15.95 per cape


indian capes - a comparison

Indian hackles can be very different. Here is a break-down of the different plumes!

Top Left - Indian Cock Cape. Top Right - Indian Hen Cape,

Bottom Left - Indian Hen Saddle, Bottom Right - Indian Cock Saddle

Far Left - Indian Cock Cape, Middle Left - Indian Cock Saddle, Middle Right - Indian Hen Cape, Far Right - Indian Hen Saddle