grey goose spey

We've been developing a process that creates the look of a traditional spey feather but doesn't completely dry out and "burn" the stem of the feather that has to be wound against a shank or tube. Our Large Grey Goose that has been chemically treated and then re-moisturized is just that. Finally a spey feather that has the "burnt" look to the hackle barbs but not the dried out stem. No need to soak these little beauties before you wind them on!

You can see that these feathers are not the usual size of burnt goose shoulder that you find in a shop. These feathers come in strung "pads" of between 35-45 fantastic plumes. Most feathers are in the 4-5 inch range, with a few a bit shorter than that. They can be tied in as a full feather or stripped on one side for a more traditional spey look. You can see that the suppleness of the feather is intact, unlike many other spey style feathers.

The most unique thing about these plumes is that they are dyed over a natural grey feather that does have some mottling. The colour of every feather is a bit different. Some are darker in colour, some have light tips, etc. This makes for a very natural looking spey plume instead of just a brightly coloured, even dye job!

Order your today by the pad of approximately 30 plumes!

$11.99 per pack


Strung Grey Goose Spey Hackle Variety Packs

$99.99 for one pack each of 10 different colours!