burnt goose spey

Do you remember when Burnt Goose feathers first came out about 20 years ago? Remember how they were called “Substitute Spey” as if the bird they came from was a national secret? If you are like us, you probably remember being pretty disappointed with the feathers that were crunchy and stems that broke when being wound on. You may even have a few bags of these that were used once and then quickly forgotten about. These are not the burnt goose spey feathers from years ago! These extra large, select goose feathers, are processed and dyed in our shop (18 fantastic colours). We lightly "burnt" them with a chemical solution to remove the webby fiber that make the barbs stick together. We then go one step further and chemically rehydrate the feathers so you won’t end up with the crunchy feathers!

You can see that these feathers are not the usual size of burnt goose shoulder that you find in a shop. All of these feathers average around 4 inches or more!

Order your today by the 12 pack!

$6.99 per pack


Select Burnt Spey Hackle Variety Packs

$119.99 for one pack each of 18 different colours!