burnt heron

The ORIGINAL spey feather (other than the extinct Spey Cock). If you have tied with Heron substitutes like Rhea or Blue Eared Pheasant, you will quickly notice how much better the original is. These feathers are processed through a very gentle bleaching process. The feathers are lightened up before they are dyed, this gives us the ability to not only create a brighter colour, it also allows us to take the very fine "fuzz" off of the barbs. Many tyers use these finer plumes as toppings on tubes or very fine collars for shrimp and prawn patterns. The overall length of these plumes is between 4-7 inches from tip to tip.

Order your heron today in packs of 5 plumes!

$5.95 per pack


Order your heron today in super packs of 20 plumes!

$22.99 per pack


For your best value, we also offer an assortment of ten colours (five feathers each colour for a total of 50 plumes) for a discounted price.


please note.....

The Heron we offer come from a bird within the Heron family that is very plentiful in its area of the world. They are not listed on the Migratory Birds Conventions Act (Canada) and are legal to purchase and posses under Canadian law.

This species is also NOT listed as a protected species in the United States under The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (USA).

This Heron is also NOT on the CITES List (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

Under International law they are completely legal to import. We have sent these feathers to customers in over 25 different countries.