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Indian Grizzly Saddles
If you have been tying for some time, you have probably seen Indian
Capes before. They are often the forgotten feathers found in discount bins
of your local shop. I think most tyers, especially if you started tying as a
kid probably started with Indian feathers for one major reason....... the
huge difference in cost! Things have changes from years past and the
quality of many capes coming out from India has vastly improved.

These Indian Grizzly Saddles are graded for both their size and feather
count. They are simply the best Indian feathers we have ever received.
Though the plumes are shorter than
genetic saddles, the value is fantastic!

Please note that though the pictures below represent how the capes look
generally, Indian Saddles are famous for all being a bit different from
one another. The natural feathers are variegated or "barred" though they
are not as "black & white" as
genetic saddles.....many of them have a more
"brown & beige" appearance. We think this adds to their look! For
instance, when we dye the natural saddles with SD Blue, they turn out a
beautiful shade of teal!

$13.95 per saddle