The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Intruder Half Grizzly Saddle
These half saddles are fantastic for any pattern that uses a thin feather. We love them for
tying Intruders, streamers, and bait fish imitations. The barred look of the grizzly really
makes minnow patterns come alive with a very realistic looking lateral line when in the
current. Intruder enthusiasts will love these plumes, especially since the larger of these
feathers can be cut into two or three feathers suitable for an intruder. All you have to do is
shape the cut ends into points and you can make 3 - four inch plumes. A lot of our customers
use the bottom half of these too for their favourite, small dry fly patterns (The Adams comes
to mind) and then use the top half of the feathers for their intruders!

These half saddles are a great value with approximately 50-70 quality
feathers each!
$34.95 per half saddle.
$34.95 per half saddle
The overall
length of these
plumes is
inches from tip
inches from tip
to tip!
These fantastic
saddles are only
available to us in
small numbers
and certain times
during the year.
We apologize for
the limited
availability of
many colours!