When The Canadian Tube Fly Company began nearly 13 years ago,
we chose to specialize in salmon and steelhead patterns because
very often in our travels we had too often come across places
where high quality flies were hard to come by, especially during the
peak seasons. Making sure that fishermen were well prepared for
their next fishing tour was a must!

We actually began selling flies, first locally (since 1988), then on
the Internet close to fifteen years ago (
proud to have many regular and repeat customers.

The Canadian Tube Fly Company was introduced as a separate site
(ADIPOS FLYTYING) because of a great void we noticed in the
industry. Though tube flies had been used for years in Europe, they
were still (and in some ways continue to be) a rather new concept
to fly tiers in North America. We worked hard (and continue to) at
taking the traditional style of tube flies and redevelop both
standard patterns, as well as created brand new flies that are
specifically made for steelhead and salmon along the west coast of
North America. We offered these flies for sale, tying each order as
they came in and offering all of the over 135 patterns on several
different types of tubes.

In 2009, we began to go into a new direction. Fly sales were
going fantastically well. In fact we had a tough time filling orders
with the local tyers we employed. At the same time, we had a
growing demand to offer tube tying materials that we used in our
own fly production. For 4 years we balanced a company that sold
custom tied tube flies as well as an ever growing range of both tube
fly tying products and traditional (fur and feather) items.  Soon
sales for supplies were much greater than sales for custom tubes.

We had a decision to make as a company. Either we had to stop
offering custom tied flies to fishermen or "shop out" our tying from
local, well paid commercial tiers, to overseas shops that used
questionable labour practices and treatment of tyers and often
created flies of poor quality. We chose to focus all of our efforts into
supplying tiers with the materials they need to produce their own
tubes and to work. We also chose to concentrate our time on
creating material (videos and articles) to help new and experienced
tube tiers with their own projects. We have also left up all of our
original pictures of the over 135 patterns we used to sell.

Now, 2018! Because of huge demand, and because of many
personal requests, we are now offering a Limited Series run of
These will be seasonal and will only be available when the
tied flies are in stock.

We know that these tubes are not inexpensive. They are hand tied
by members of our Pro Staff in Canada! They are the same flies
many of our Pro Staffers use on their limited days on the river.
They are so well built that we often only use one two or three flies
in a full day of fishing. They are not the old traditional favourites.
They are patterns that are innovative and incorporate the latest
material and techniques that we are using on our own ties.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our site. Whether you
are a beginner, an avid fly fisherman, or even if you are also a fly
tyer, there is something for everyone on this site!
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
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