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Egret Heavy Shanks
Though Partridge Double Waddington Shanks have been around for decades, shank
development is really beginning to evolve as more and more anglers are seeing how
they can be a versatile weapon in their fly boxes. Using a shank allows you to switch
out your hook, one of the most attractive attribute of using tube flies. Tying on a
shank allows you to have the versatility of replacing a broken hook or switching the
size or style of hook, without having to toss out the actual pattern. We have had a
good deal of customers using shanks because they didn't want to take the "full
plunge" into tying on tubes. We like to think of shanks as the meeting of two styles -
hooks meeting tubes.
40 mm total length
70 mm total length
55 mm total length
Here is a comparison between an Egret Heavy Shank and the original
Waddington shank on the bottom. You can see that both the tail loop
are not in line like the Waddington. The tail loop is actually twisted so
that it is in line with the pattern. You'll also notice that the stainless
steel wire used on the Egret Shank is a much heavier gauge giving the
Egret shanks almost double the weight.
Egret Heavy Shank
Partridge Waddington Double
Egret Heavy Shanks 40 mm. $7.99 per 20.
Egret Heavy Shanks 55 mm. $8.49 per 20.
Egret Heavy Shanks 70 mm. $8.99 per 20.
Egret Heavy
Assortment 7
each of all three
lengths - 21
Shanks total
Egret Heavy Shanks Assortment $8.49 per 21.
You can see that because of the large tail loop, the shank easily fits into the jaws of any vise.
The Eye loop is nice and wide and has the double shank that will securely hold the head of
the fly and, in particular, dumbell eyes that are popular on so many Intruder patterns.

The large tail loop also allows you to connect your hook in a couple of different ways. Many
tyers like to tie in braided line, mono, or even wire right into the pattern. They make a loop
that allows them to switch out the hook easily. W e even know tyers who will actually add
a split ring to the tail loop too. Then they attach the hook right to the ring.
3 sizes in
stainless steel!
70 mm
55 mm
40 mm
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using Shanks!