The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Stainless Steel Pin Kit
Stainless Steel Pin Kit (40 pins in all)


We have had many requests to supply our custom Stainless Steel pins in a "kit" that
can convert any foam fly box into a sturdy tube box.  These straight, stainless steel
pins, give you control over your box. The custom made pins come in three different
lengths (up to 3 inches) and in a few different diameters. The diameters are small
enough to hold the skinniest tube flies and all pins have an end on them to hold the
tube directly into the foam. Since you push the pins in, you control how tight you
want to pack your box. We have fit as many as 50 large saltwater flies in this box.
The best part about using the pins is that you can still use the box for standard hooks makes your own box into a multi-purpose fly holder!
As simple as one, two, three.......................
Hold your tube fly at its head, push the pin in to the tube from the rear of the fly, then push the pin into the slotted foam.
NEW....even longer pins!
100% Stainless...they
will never corrode
Pins holding bare tubes