The Canadian Tube Fly Company
CTFC Pro Staff
Western and Eastern United States as well as British Columbia.
For the last 20 years he has guided on many of Lake Erie’s
tributary streams for steelhead and has written numerous articles
on the unique style of fly fishing often needed to catch these
elusive and sometimes finicky fish. His writing credits include
Fly Fisherman Magazine, Wild Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon,
Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, Pennsylvania Outdoor Times,
Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine and Salmon, Trout, Steelheader.

John Nagy has updated and expanded his popular Steehead Guide,
Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead
( in 2008. The
new 4th edition  includes 119 new and innovative steelhead fly
patterns contributed by guides, fly tyers and steelhead fisherman
from the Lake Erie region including 28 hot tube flies. It also
includes a new Deadly Dozen fly list, additional Steelheader’s Tips
and a humorous “Steelheader’s Quiz”as well as updated steelhead
equipment recommendations and Lake Erie region fishery news. It
also includes updated guide, tackle shop, lodging and dining
lists, web sites, current smolt stocking lists and fishery data.

New photos have been added to Steelhead Guide, including a color
insert section of the new steelhead fly patterns as well as steelhead
photography taken in the Lake Erie region. An exciting addition to
the book is a new chapter on tube flies discussing their history,
benefits, construction and use, as well as tube tying material

John Nagy has also recently written numerous magazine articles
on modern tube tying systems including both conventional and
Scandinavian designs.