The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Double Barrelled Beginer Tube Tying Kit
We still have many customers who have tied standard flies for years
but are somewhat overwhelmed with making the jump into tube flies.
We do already offer three substantial
Tube Tying Kits that allows a
tyer to tie hundreds of different tube flies. The "Double Barreled Kit" is
the one you are after if you want to try tying a handful of tube flies
without committing to a large purchase of many different styles of
.....a good place to start!
Double Barrel Tube Tying Kit


Much larger than any other tapered pins
we offer, a must for anyone tying larger
tubes for predatory fish!
The Kit comes with several lengths and types of plastic tubing (small and large
hooks (at least 20 in three or four sizes), several cones (at least 10 in two
different styles), 4 different tapered pins, and two Tube Cartridges to either
hold your materials or a couple of your favourite finished tube flies!
standard vise and allow you to start tying on tubes immediately! The
kits contains enough plastic tubing, hooks, and cones, to tie at least 20
large tube flies. A great way to "break in" to a new way of tying flies
without breaking the bank....