lady amherst pheasant center tail

Though the Lady Amherst Pheasants' Center Tail has long been popular, we love the markings on the LA Side Tail Feather just as much! They still have the fantastic length of the Center feathers but very unique markings that are also great on Intruders and as "feelers" on other patterns. Now available in 8 great colours!

The Amherst on top is the Center Tail Feather. This feather is most common when tying "feelers" on Intruder flies. The Lady Amherst Side Feather is the one below. You can see that the feather is less marked in black but has a wonderful natural darkening towards the tip of the fiber.

Lady Amherst Side Tail really makes your Tubes come alive!

Order your today by the 5 inch section!

$6.95 per section