Intruder fly box stickers

We took one of our most popular tube fly patterns and made it into a Weather proof sticker. The Purple and Red Russian Intruder!

$4.99 each

Our very popular Purple and Red Russian Intruder in all the colours of the rainbow!

2 x 2 Holographic sticker - $5.99

CTFC Holographic stickers

All the colours of the rainbow - perfect for cars, flyboxes or on the wall in your tying area!

"Brown Trout"

3 x 3 inch $5.99 each

"Egret Hooks"

3 x 2 inch $5.99 each

"Think Like A Fish"

3 x 2 inch $5.99 each

CTFC stickers

Laminated and waterproof!

$2.99 each