flexible, temperature resistant tubing
material, that will meet the needs of
tube fly fishermen. Our custom
extruded FlexTube has arrived.!  Yuri
Shumakov wrote an interesting
article in Rackelhanen a while back
about the
transparent qualities of
coloured tubes......it's worth a read.
This wonderful new tube is unique in
that it brings a fly to life with an
amazing translucent glow!
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Flex Tube Patterns
Orange Blossom
Pink Lazer Flex
Chartreuse Lazer Flex
Another advantage to Flex Tube
Flies is that you do not need a
junction tube. Most hooks will fit
into the back of the actual fly!
Purple Blossom
Black Top Orange
Black Top Red
Black Top Peacock
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Please take a look at our selection of tubes that are
our favourites flex tube patterns.
Most of the
tubes, fur, feathers, hooks, shanks, and
other materials used to create these patterns can be
ordered in our
 fly tying section and will be sent out
next business day!