The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Bottle Tube Flies

There are several types of bottle tube flies on the market today.
Though the patterns we produce on these tubes are smaller than
our standard tube flies, they are extremely heavy for their size.
These tubes are bevelled on both sides to prevent nicking leaders
These tubes feature:

* Tapered shape to allow a smaller head  *
* Contoured lip on both ends *
* Available in brass and aluminum *
* Available in 15mm or 22mm lengths *
* Extremely heavy for their size *
Please take a look at our selection of tubes that are
our favourites Bottle Tubes.
Most of the
tubes, fur, feathers, hooks, shanks, and
other materials used to create these patterns can be
ordered in our
 fly tying section and will be sent out
next business day!
Chartreuse Marabou
Streamer (Bottle Tube)
Lazer Bug (Bottle Tube)
Eskimo (Bottle Tube)
Orange Marabou
Streamer (Bottle Tube)
Teal Lazer Bug (Bottle
Red Flash (Bottle Tube)
Blue Whisp (Bottle
Chartreuse Whisp
(Bottle Tube)
Purple Whisp (Bottle
Blue Wing (Bottle
Chartreuse Charm
(Bottle Tube)
Wild Rose (Bottle Tube)
Orange Clouser
Minnow (BT)
Pink Clouser
Minnow (BT)
Char.  Clouser
Minnow (BT)
Silver  Clouser
Minnow (BT)